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Monday, March 2, 2009

SDS Lives!

The first time I went to a community college, in the late sixties, Students for a Democratic Society was a big deal. They were organized and exciting and protesting the war for all they were worth. In those days it was the Viet Nam war.

And now they're back!

Last Friday I attended a "student rally" at Pasadena City College. Originally designed to protest budget cuts, the event became a last-minute thank you to legislators who'd just surprised everyone by passing next year's budget several months early, and surprised community colleges by being very kind to them.

I put "student rally" in quotes because the rally was organized by a community college public relations group. It had sponsors and VIP seating and began with an opening address by the president of Pasadena City College.

That's not the way I remember the student rallies of my youth. In the old days there were blockades designed to keep students out and shut down the school. At this new-style rally students were bused in, and there were uniformed police cadets politely pointing the way.

But guess what? A little background research turned up the cool fact that SDS has been resurrected and students are still taking to the streets.

Need to see it to believe it? Check out the video: Funk the War